Human wants are never-ending and to keep evolving is in their nature, likewise, we will keep discovering to satiate the buds.

The entrepreneurial attitudes updates have been in mind from the days been working with an engineering company. It was the leadership qualities that led the team to ponder a hobby into a passion for food business. This gave rise to

“Shriniwas veg”

Undoubtedly passion always takes a person to where an individual intends. This channelized them from an engineering background to turn into food industry entrepreneur. Definitely food venture was an outcome of one-year research. Not only history was created but also Productivity excelled in vivid results leads them to be in the journey since last 3 years.


The profundity research always made them realize like, “oxygen is vital for survival likewise is the food for an individual”. The number of times an individual unlocks the phone, of same intensity customers should think of Shriniwas Veg.


Is to fulfil the customer’s needs with food as life is a journey that goes on. The business itself is a thrill ride. One has to learn to bounce back with the change and new trends required.

Their recent research has taken them to the niche of new drift across. Nowadays, “vogue for low carb and high protein food is the need. they are working to soon come up with healthy eating options”.

In every high and low never forget to give back to society. This is to inspire all the entrepreneurs out there. Being involved in social activities gives immense happiness. By the same token, “we avail subsidized meal for students every week. This is a path to feed our soul.”

Space and a similar taste are a definitive USP for their growth. The recent outlet at Baner and Kothrud is equally spacious and customers will not miss on the taste to devour on our delicacies, which are served at Viman Nagar and Seasons mall restaurant.

Quest of expanding Shriniwas Veg family is never-ending, and they have the aim to grow and reach as many places possible, with saying that

“That gives me the honour to announce we have grown from 2 outlets to 4 dine-in restaurants.”

Every time they plan to launch a new outlet or dark kitchen it will have the same mark as the previous one with essence and quality intact. Location wise definitely would like to grow wings to a different city where the next target is “Amchi Mumbai!!”.


Every speciality undergoes a minute check as follows-

  • Intellectualise our recipes.
  • Deconstruct the recipe into specific ingredients / spices / protein / veggies/ Salad etc.
  • Source and supply the ingredients from the best corner and conditions.
  • Build an SOP to create the product consistently at our kitchens.
  • Train our kitchen teams as per customer orientation.
  • Keep improving till we get the customer to love the product.

any they are proud to say, every dish is our speciality!!


Always keep trying to get new things on our menu to excite our customers. Given a top priority to our customers, we act instantly.

If a customer requests our chefs for new delicacies, our team is ever ready to customize the recipes for them. More of special dishes evolve at the time of larger events which eventually find the place in our special menus too. Which I will agree 100! and I have experienced this….

Rewards are what every individual loves. Hence, we never back out to offer loyalty rewards to our loyal customers. Every step of logistics, infrastructure, warehousing is just a drop in a bucket.

“motive is to justify the customer’s hard-earned penny.”


“Never Take No for an Answer”, Being determinant was one of the strategies used to break into the business.

“Don’t give up. Be persistent,” Also, having the best quality at great prize to provide was a necessity. No compromise with quality made us firm in business.

To sell bread one must be sure of the ingredients at least. We underwent all challenges to change and uplift the level of basic hygiene to standard protocols. We fell, bounced and revolutionized.

In this fast-paced world with technology ruling, we gather online data given by our valuable customers. The personal touch does wonders so we have customers who still write feedback in the book and every bit is given consideration. Regularly requirement of the customers is gauged and fresh beginning with unlearning and learning process is initiated.


Sincere efforts translated into lip-smacking food, full stomachs and hearty smiles of customer motivates us. Speaking of which we offer going an extra mile of dishes to chase the flavours of Indian, Punjabi, South Indian, continental and not to forget an oasis of pleasure Chinese.

Do try in any situations like-

  • Don’t feel like washing dishes tonight? Then let us cook for you and enjoy a night out- Book a table now.
  • Feel like treating yourself tonight- satiate your hunger with one of our takeaways- order now choose Shriniwas veg- delectable pure Veg food.

Bon appetite!!!

General dine-in, to a celebration of small events or huge parties, can be hosted at our restaurants. Other option if you wish to stay at home and enjoy the sumptuous veg food, just tap that button and devour the food. Our dark kitchens create an oasis of calmness in elegantly guaranteed privacy and excellent services, amid the hectic city life.

A wide spectrum of the goal is met due to our delivery partners like Swiggy and Zomato.