Shriniwas Veg- Rise Up

“Shriniwas veg”


  • Intellectualise our recipes.
  • Deconstruct the recipe into specific ingredients / spices / protein / veggies/ Salad etc.
  • Source and supply the ingredients from the best corner and conditions.
  • Build an SOP to create the product consistently at our kitchens.
  • Train our kitchen teams as per customer orientation.
  • Keep improving till we get the customer to love the product.
  • Don’t feel like washing dishes tonight? Then let us cook for you and enjoy a night out- Book a table now.
  • Feel like treating yourself tonight- satiate your hunger with one of our takeaways- order now choose Shriniwas veg- delectable pure Veg food.




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Swapnil Bhor

Swapnil Bhor

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